• Preamps - Besides the 16 mic inputs on the Audient Zen console the room has a rack of external preamps. The rack contains two Chameleon Labs 7602 XMODed preamps. The TFPro P2 is no longer in production[...]
  • A/D and D/A - SSL Alpha-Link is what I am using for A/D and D/A. The unit is 24 analog channels in and out. Since I am running at 96K for the sampling rate the digital io is not[...]
  • Mixbus - I have been mixing with Harrison Mixbus for almost a year now and I have come to love it. For recording I still use Studio One and Pro Tools. Lately more Studio One. Then the[...]
  • Monitors - Equator Audio Q10s are the main monitors in the studio. Self powered and phase corrected they bring out anything because of the zero point reference of the two drivers. The drivers are phase aligned to[...]
  • Console Room - The console room is the second most important room in the studio. Besides the console there is a serious amount of gear in the room. For you GearSlutz out there: The console is a Audient[...]
  • Zen and the art of mixing - What sounds great and give you a feeling of enlightenment? The Audient Zen of course! I chose to the Audient Zen as the console for the studio because it combine a great mixer with DAW[...]