I have been mixing with Harrison Mixbus for almost a year now and I have come to love it. For recording I still use Studio One and Pro Tools. Lately more Studio One. Then the data gets dumped to Mixbus for mixing. It is just easier to mix in Mixbus. Recording with Mixbus doesn’t work well for me. The latency is horrendous and I can seem to find a way to improve it. The latency doesn’t affect mixing since there are no live inputs. Latency for recording is 3ms or less with the UAD Apollo 16  hardware that I am using for A/D and D/A. The other issue is no midi automation. They promise it in a future version. I hope that it is coming soon in version Mixbus version 4.

Mixbus offers online training and demos on Youtube:

The interface is easy to figure out on your own for the most part. The thing acts like a mixer. 🙂