Zen and the art of mixing


What sounds great and give you a feeling of enlightenment?

The Audient Zen of course!

I chose to the Audient Zen as the console for the studio because it combine a great mixer with DAW control all in one unit. It sits in the console room in a custom desk for mixing and monitoring. The console is now discontinued which is a bummer but Adient has been great with support even after they discontinued the console. Here is a description from the Audient website:

“Zen is a thoroughly modern, yet classic analogue mixing console combining DAW I/O integration with moving fader automation, transport control and the sonically pure signal path you would expect from Audient. Designed for today‚Äôs studio environments and in a compact frame, Zen features 2 inputs per channel, DAW record output on each channel, L/R mix bus, 2 stereo buses, 2 mono buses, 4 auxiliaries and 2 cue sends, plus a stereo compressor.”

The automation is crazy good once you follow Audient’s setup step by step. There has not been a problem with it since I correctly did the initial setup. I have 16 preamp model and they sound sonically pure. If you are looking for coloration from your preamps, don’t by an Audient. I believe that this is their strong point. The metering on the console is fantastic as well as the bus compressor. The real surprise standout has to be the monitor section. I am able to route everything at the push of a button.

The one thing that is missing is an EQ. I would have liked to have EQs but with everything else that this console has I can’t really complain about it. Besides I am partial to Harrison and Trident EQs and I have built those and patched them in as needed.